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Wendy Thompson

I gave up alcohol in 2018 after many attempts to quit or moderate over the last 25 years.  Even though we had many fun times together, alcohol just never served me in any way that was beneficial to my mind, body or emotions.  A break-up was long overdue.


After two weeks alcohol-free, I was astounded by how great I felt. I was sleeping 8+ hours straight, my skin was glowing, and I no longer felt puffy when I woke up each morning.  My spirit was high, and the internal voice of self-criticism I was so used to hearing each day had quieted to an occasional whisper at best. I felt like I was stepping into the “real me."  All this within two weeks!

After 6 months alcohol-free, I went for my annual physical and discovered that I had lost 24 pounds - this astounded me, because I really hadn’t changed anything in my life except for removing alcohol! 

I will admit that I got to the gym more often (no longer victim to hangovers), but otherwise I had only continued with my normal lifestyle of relatively healthy eating and regular exercise.


But, the most powerful shift for me has been the psychological gain from quitting alcohol.  I feel like I have finally walked into alignment with my true nature, and have cast the demons of shame, guilt and insecurity aside.  Living in clarity, control and consciousness has allowed me to become the best version of myself, both unapologetic and accepting of my flaws and of others'.  It has allowed me to lock-in with myself in a conscious, present and open manner that has led to real connections with the people and events in my life. I’m no longer hiding part of myself, playing small or procrastinating.  I’m here to shine as brightly as I can. I simply did not exist like this when alcohol was in my life every day.


If you would like support in your relationship with alcohol, coaching might be a perfect tool.  It’s with love and gratitude that I offer free Breakthrough Calls where we can speak for 60 minutes about your desires for change and explore this as a path. Please book one… it might be the call that changes your life!


Wendy has a real gift

After two years of struggling daily with my decision to no longer drink, I decided to start coaching with Wendy.  She turned my daily thought from "I cannot drink and I feel deprived each and every moment of the day" to "I choose not to drink and I feel fulfilled each and every moment of the day." Wendy has a real gift at getting to the heart of the matter and providing gentle and loving help. She is entirely non-judgmental and therefore it is very easy to open up to her. In general, Wendy's coaching helps you become a better person, along with helping you see the benefits of not drinking and making a commitment to yourself that you can keep.  Trust her and she will help you to trust yourself.

Jane T., FLA

Let’s Start Working Together!

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